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Petition to save the Higgins Armory Musuem

To the Higgins Armory Museum and Worcster Art Museum Board of Trustees and Incorporators:
The news that the Higgins Armory Museum faces closure comes as a very
serious and significant loss to all. Higgins brings a unique
experience that cannot be found in any other museum. The Higgins
Armory brings an incalculable value to the study of art, science,
education and humanities. Its collection represents an international
treasure and irreplaceable asset. It belongs in the castle that was
designed to house it.
We have signed this petition asking you to reconsider the choice to
close the Armory before every option is explored. We ask that you
delay the vote for closure for one year. The momentum driven by the
attendant publicity will fuel a broad national endowment campaign;
encourage the pursuit of modern energy alternative solutions;
facilitate architectural rehabilitation and construction refits, and
other specific measures being now brought to your attention.
Thank you for your consideration,


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Subject: Favor: Help me save Higgins Armory

Sorry to send you a form letter but if you have a chance can you go to: and sign the petition to help me save one of the worlds best Museums. Also please forward this e-mail to anyone else who loves Art, History and great museums.



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17 thoughts on “Sign The Petition

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  2. Jane says:

    This museum is a spectacular, unique goldmine of historic artwork.

    I love this museum.

    So many fantastic memories are interwoven with the Higgins.

    I cannot imagine how many other people have had similar wonderful experiences impacted by the culture, science, and social history revealed by the armory.

    In many ways, the nature of armor, war, and how we do battle reveals the very core of what makes us human: ingenious, flawed, and animal.

    This museum is an amazing educational and cultural repository. I hope it keeps its doors open.

  3. Lisa Johnson says:

    The impact and value of the collection are diminished without the building!
    The Worcester Art Museum cannot replicate the Armory’s display space within their quarters.
    Efforts to make the Armory more efficient in terms of heating should have started years ago. The technology exists to correct this problem. Worcester should not allow this asset to disappear from its landscape.

  4. Keith Howard says:

    My daughter cried for hours when I told her Higgins would be closing. The museum opened her eyes to dimensions of history she had not encountered before. It is not only the history but the art and skill revealed in armor and weapons.

  5. Stephen Martin Gang says:

    The contributions of Dick Higgins have been well documented. His influence on art continues today and is an important historical and growth element in the progression of art.

  6. Artist Organized Art says:

    Dick Higgins who gave us the theory of Intermedia in the arts, founded Something Else Press, The Great Bear Pamphlets and was the seminal publisher of Fluxus.. as a gift to the commons, also is part of this wonderful museum that was a gift to the people of Worcester. Please don’t let the gifts of these tremendously innovative friends be liquidated without consideration. Sign the petition … it’s so easy.. no cost … helps keep traditional art part of a local community.

  7. Raul Dioaz says:

    The Higgins Armory is an international American glory and a renown depository of precious and in many cases, unique art. Its viability is of paramount importance to the art world .

  8. Alice Higgins Rice says:

    A family and worldwide treasure. It should be saved intact not saved and put in another building and partially sold off for private collections. This smacks of a laziness on the part of board. Where is your fund raising effort?????? As a relative of John Woodman Higgins, I am profoundly disappointed!

  9. Diana Chace says:

    When I think of splitting apart such a unique collection and
    museum, I can only think of the tragic act of terrorists who
    blew up the giant standing Buddhas in the middle east a
    few years ago.
    I am very involved with the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.
    One of the most important exhibits recently was the private collection of Japanese warriors’ armor. It was collected by
    several generations of a noble Japanese family. Today this
    collection is regarded as a National Treasure.
    regarded as a national treasure.

  10. Mark C Perkins says:

    This is one of my favorite museums in the U.S.! I loved the dog armor. This is far better than any armory I’ve seen in England or France. The building is also unique. Wake up Worcester!

  11. Susan Connelly says:

    Please figure out another way vs selling items, shutting down the Higgins and moving the collection! Why didn’t you tweet for help? Why didn’t you let your clients know that there is still a possible way to make a difference? This doesn’t have to shut down to change the future. There have got to be ways to keep this wonderful museum open! The castle steel building and super renovations you’ve made recently could open new possibilities that I am sure you haven’t explored to make more money! Ask, believe, and make it happen in a better way!
    Thanks, Sue

  12. Debra DiFranco says:

    You have taken disinterested kids and turned them on to a world that doesn’t require a joystick and zombies! The Viking program you ran there had them coming home, looking up things about the culture and bubbling for days afterward about all the artifacts of the likes they have never seen at the museum. You engage the mind and excite the young. We need to stay in tune with our history. You need to keep this place open.

  13. Melissa Sink says:

    I have never seen such an amazing collection anywhere else I have travelled to. Being an artist and physically seeing what so many people ask of me to render onto paper on a constant basis is not only a profound experience but also an exquisite joy. I personally spent hours looking over the fine details of so many beautiful armor sets, and would gladly come back to visit the next time I am in the area. I saw so many children there when I visited and everyone of them had a look of pure delighted interest in everything around them. This museum is unlike any other I have been to, and I would be sad to see it and the contents separated and sold off.

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