The Facts

The Higgins Armory Museum is facing closure due to yearly losses and a shrinking endowment. Here are the facts as we know them:


– The Higgins Armory endowment is at ~$3 million, plus recent auction revenue

– On March 27th the Higgins Armory Board of Trustees will ask its Incorporators to vote in favor of giving entire collection to the Worcester Art Museum

– An endowment of ~$10 to 15 million is needed to sustain the museum in its present historic building

– The Armory has been running a deficit of about ~$400,000 per year

-The Armory averages 80,000 visitors per year

– The cost of maintaining and operating the building is very high due to cooling and heating issues

– The Armory on March 20 sold secondary items at auction in London

2 thoughts on “The Facts

  1. Michael Terry says:

    I have been going to the Higgins Armory Museum since I was a kid. I have visited, celebrated my love of swords (and beer) there, and I planned to take my children there. This closing is a travesty and a detriment to the spirit of history and art. Do not let medieval chivalry, the indomitable warrior spirit, and the honor and virtue it represents, go down without a fight. Support Higgins and support this noble cause. God bless and keep you Higgins Armory.

  2. Elaine Angelopoulos says:

    The Higgins Armory Museum is truly a unique institution. It must remain intact for the time piece that it is as a place to visit. To see it submerged into another museum would be a loss not only for the institution, but Worcester would lose another venue that defines its history.

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