Letter To The Board

To The Worcster Art Museum & Higgins Armory Directors, Board of Trustees and Incorporators,

The patrons of the museum are deeply saddened by the announcement that the museum may be closed. We are saddened by our own loss, but also the loss of the future generations who may never walk into the main room of the museum and be transported into their childhood dreams. We are also deeply concerned about abandoning the dreams and chivalry of Mr. Higgins, the man and community leader who reached out and supported the Worcester area.

As patrons of Higgins Armory, we are joining together to offer our assistance to the board and staff to aid in saving the museum. In only the few weeks of the news going public we have gathered over 3,000 patron members (at the time of this letter). To organize we have established a web page (www.savehiggins.org) and an active Facebook page. Although we have had only a short time we have documented over 70 possible funding opportunities with the potential to significantly increase the endowment.

We also have a petition from the patrons your serve, representing over 2,000 patrons from 44 States and 25 countries. Please take the time to review thier thought and comments.

We are a blend of all backgrounds and skills: Teachers, Engineers, Leaders, Laborers, Lawyers, Artists, Historians, Homemakers and Students from all over the country. Based on the media articles written the museum is facing a $400,000 loss each year.

What we ask is to give the patrons of Higgins time to help raise the needed endowment. A period of one year would allow for the patrons to go through all major grant, funding cycles and contact our vast databases of contacts throughout the world.

We conclude our plea with this question:

As trustees of Mr. Higgins’ Museum, have you done everything in your power, explored every option to ensure that his vision, dream and legacy have been protected?

We are here to serve The Higgins to the end.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Patrons of Higgins Armory

2 thoughts on “Letter To The Board

  1. M. C. Perkins says:

    This is one of my favorite museums in the U.S.! I am most fond of the dog armor. This is far better than any armory I’ve seen in England or France. The building is also unique. Wake up Worcester!

  2. M. Kozak says:

    I worked at the museum years ago while in College and know it well. The legacy of the museum and its place in Worcester is not the collection but the collective experience that is visiting the armor and artifacts in that particular building. In visiting years later with my own children, I enjoyed watching them with their mouths agape as they enter the great hall and look upon the crusader. I can see in their eyes that the building is taking them from Worcester to a place in their imagination where knights still roam. In the digital age, how can we shutter one of the few places so unique that it can impress young and old so much.

    I no longer live in Worcester and now make my home on the north shore. Many here do not even know about the museum – of course, I tell everyone how wonderful it is. Clearly, if the current management has to merge a museum with more visitors per year with one with less visitors per year – it is time for new management. Maybe they should focus on growing it even more aggressively and not taking the easy way out. Aggressive fund raising and proper management of the endowment is what is needed. It is also time for the corporations in the city to step up to the plate as well and lead the fight to keep those local institutions that make Worcester so great.

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