About Us

Our Purpose

To keep The Higgins Armory Museum from closing while aiding the Higgins Armory Museum in building an endowment that will ensure its survival for future generations.


– Delay the vote to close the Higgins Armory Museum

– Build an endowment of $14M

– Support the Higgins Armory Museum board and staff



Associates: 2800 and counting


Please contact us at: savehiggins@gmail.com



This web page is dedicated to William P. Densmore (1924-2013)

“The world is run by those who show up…” (author unknown)



One thought on “About Us

  1. Alan Earls says:

    The issue is location and funding. What REALLY needs to happen is to get political support to relocate Higgins to the National Guard Armory, which is underutilized and within walking distance of the downtown and other museums as well as WPI. This would instantly solve a chunk of problems. The architecture is even compatible!

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