Save Higgins

What next?

Based on feedback during the meeting the ideas and petition were not reviewed and were dismissed by the Higgins Board and Incorporators. The majority of the board and Incorporators had given up and where uninterested in the patrons thoughts and views.

Now the burden of culture and the future of Higgins rest on the WAM. The ideas and petition will be presented to the WAM in hopes that they will take the time to understand the opportunity they have in keeping two locations.

The museum will remain open until December so we still have the opportunity to save it!

What can you do?

-Call and write to the WAM Director, Board of Trustees and Incorporators, tell them your stories and your reasons both emotional and logical for keeping Higgins open. Stress the loss of education, culture and history.

-Continue to visit Higgins, keep attendance high to show its viability and as a thank you to the staff and interpreters. They have already seen an increase in attendance.

-If you visit the WAM voice your opinion to any staff. Let them know the power of the patrons and remind them that they do not serve objects but people

-Write to the Attorney General, who still needs to review and sign the contract between HAM and WAM, ask for due diligence during the review

-Write to the mayor, the Worcester department of culture development and the newspaper, they serve you

-Continue to add comments and sign the petition at, the website will remain up forever as a remembrance in honor of all the patrons and culture the museum has served.

-Donate to the fund for the staff and interpreters has been established that will be given to them when the Armory officially closes.

– Spread the word, Keep talking about Higgins, bring it up at work and in conversations.

-Picket and protest, take the time to make a sign and pace a few hours in front of the WAM. If you are a parent, don’t less this educational opportunity to teach your kids how important it is to stand up for what they believe is right. Make signs with them, set up a play date with other moms and standup for culture and the arts.

We lost a major battle this week but the war is far from over…


The vote did not go our way today. We had a united front of all the Higgins family members. In the end, 55 incorporators voted with the Board, one abstained, six were not present and 10 voted to keep the Museum.

Thank you everyone who has provided ideas and support.

We will be keeping this site up to build more backing as December approaches.

Do not stop sharing your ideas and memories. Continue to sign the petition as we will be presenting it to the Worcester Art Museum in hopes that they will see the wisdom of keeping both locations in operation. 

Today was a major setback, but this Museum and all it has to offer is to unique and important to throw away just yet.



The Higgins Armory museum is facing closure. This site represents the patrons of the museum who wish to aid the Higgins Armory in its battle to survive.

Please spread the word and look around the site to see how you can help save the Higgins Armory.




18 thoughts on “Save Higgins

  1. Dale Anne Whalen says:

    My ideas: reach out to other communities and states by putting Higgins on the national news besides local.
    History channel? Discovery? I’m sure there’s that talk about hidden treasures in their state. I for one never knew this place existed! I feel it a treasure too share!

  2. Holly Medeiros says:

    this is an icon to Worcester and should not be closing I love this place and would hate to see it shut down. Please save Higgins Armory!!!

  3. Thomas Belloma says:

    I agree with Dale Anne Whalen above that the Higgins is a hidden treasure that needs some national attention. I live in Texas and like Dale I never knew it existed until my Historical Euorpen Martial Arts studies lead me there through Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng. Last year I was fortuniate to be able to attend an event called the Boston Sword Gathering/Higgins Symposium

  4. Thomas Belloma says:

    Continued from previous post. Like I was saying: Last year I attended an event called the Boston Sword Gathering/Higgins Symposium. A day of the event was held at the Higgins Armory. I was very excited! We spent the day training with swords, viewing archived items such as an extraordinary crafted gauntlet worn by Philip II of Spain, and in illuminating lectures. Unfortunately and regrettably I only got to spend a quick 15 minutes viewing the collection on display. It was a great 15 minutes. That 15 minute left me looking forward to my next trip in which I would plan better so I could spend a day or two at the Higgins.
    In my opinion if the collection is moved to the WMA it’s going to lose the appeal and charm it has now has.

  5. Jim Beaudoin says:

    I for one do not want to see Higgins Armory close. Have you tried to have special events at the armory such as Jousting exhibitions or sword fighting exhibitions? Also how come we very seldom see advertising for the museum? It’s time to see what can be done to save Higgins not just to say there is no hope for the museum.

  6. Jessica Race says:

    I was apart of one of the country’s biggest easement fundraising projects. It is called the Pingree Project. We raised an enormous amount of money to protect our nations wildlife and land in the backwoods in Maine. In my experience, raising money comes from foundations and individuals alike that believe in “your vision”. I have many suggestions but what I like and think the museum bottom line can approve on is tapping into the resources it already has. Schools, children, knights, history, building, a perfect destination place off the highway and a great staff. This is the time to think outside of the box, use the resources you have and combine forces. One of many thoughts, use foundations and Phil. To help with ancestorial work. Have family’s come in,, do a family creat, charge them and have the foundations match what you make and use that money towards your note to the bank or whatever your bottom line a/p are. You can also have children knighted for a certain fee and have that matched as well. Use resources in the UK for other ideas. It all starts with a database with influential names and addresses and a dinner to discuss options to get the feel of the room. Then you move on to phone calls, teams in the central mass area with a 2-5 year timeline with a specific monitory goal to raise. With enthusiasm and communication, the museum will not be lost. All you need is an outstanding fundraising team. Good Luck!

  7. Tony Zona says:

    Higgins Armory is the BEST of it’s kind!
    It is a local treasure. I realize the economy is not wonderful,
    but Sturbridge Village and some other area landmarks were able to stay open with lots of help from their community.
    Higgins Armory is world famous and there is no other collection as large anywhere.
    COME ON WORCESTER >>>Support this before it is too late.

  8. David G. Wright, FAIA says:

    It’s sad that the Board members of the Higgins don’t seem to realize that their National Register building is an important component of their overall collection, and needs equal care and protection. Hopefully they will step back and look for creative ways (other than deaccessioning their collection) to raise the funds necessary to keep the armor and the building together for future generations to appreciate.

  9. Douglas Butler says:

    I love the building almost as much as the contents. The plans I have heard for merging with the art museum will sacrifice the building.

    I wish there was something like a Kickstarter campaign where people could pledge money, but the money only gets collected if the pledges reach a goal that would actually save the museum. I would hate to give money and have it merge with the museum anyway. Kickstarter specifically does not do charities, but maybe someone else could administer it?

  10. Andrew says:

    Give it a chance, please perserve something to remember this place, even if the vote goes ahead to remove this historic landsite, Really think of the people that made this place possible for the generations to come. Money will always be a problem, but caring will never be the downfall. Thank you

  11. Gordon Fisher, Sensei says:

    I have done a number of demo/lectures on Samurai Arms & Armor plus performed with my students on STAR WARS DAY for the last four years. If you need to raise awareness, I would be happy to lend my support as a perfomer of Samurai and or Jedi techniques.

  12. Eh says:

    Would it be possible for the city, state or an organization like Historic New England to take the museum as is and keep it in the current location?

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